Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Night Soaking

I was out running errands this evening when I decided that instead of driving my car across the parking lot to go to Target, I would just walk.  I needed the exercise.

Which was a great idea.

Until I walked out of Target and it was pouring.


A rainy night called for soup.

Chicken & Dumplings, in fact.  I bought Campbells and added a bunch of pepper for extra flavor.

Now I am curled up on the couch with the windows open listening to the rain.

And reading this!  Next month's book club book.  Has anyone read it?  I promised myself I wouldn't see the movie until I read the book ...


  1. I read The Help! It was excellent.

  2. i agree with the below comment- the help was a great book! i really really enjoyed it. i've yet to see the movie though.

  3. It's a great book and the movie is excellent too!

  4. It's such an inspiring, resonant, amazing book!! The movie was fantastic, too, and it really stayed true to the heart of the story :)

  5. I loved The Help! I couldn't put it down :) Hope you enjoy!

  6. I have read the book twice. I grew up in a Mayberryesk town in Alabama, during the 60's. I had Nokie and Leela as my grandmothers "help" on the weekends. The environment was very confusing to understand as a child of Christians. Another great book to read would be "Black Like Me".

  7. Nancy, are you able to come to the discussion? It's not this Monday night - next Monday night, Oct. 3rd. I think you would bring a really unique voice to the group.

  8. Hi Sarah, thanks for asking me to was a volitive time in history and for my brother Mark and I....I will certainly try to be there. There is a Deacon's meeting that week and I have a commitment in Canton on Thursday night-alot for an old lady in one week!

  9. I meant to say volatile not volitive!


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