Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All Lit Up

Bruce pointed out that when I blogged about our new table and hutch I should have shown the hutch in its real glory.

All lit up!

I love how the lights and the mirrors and the glass reflect off of one another.  One of my new favorite things to do is to just have those lights on (and maybe the stove light) and just relax in the kitchen or living room.  It is so peaceful.

Does anybody else have favorite places in their houses?


  1. mmm. that is pretty! : ) i think my favorite room is my bedroom, but only when i'm allowed to stay snuggled in my bed til i WANT to get up. unlike tomorrow morning, which is quickly getting closer so i suppose i should go snuggle in my bed now! : )

  2. So pretty! There's such a warmth to it :)

    My favorite place? Hands down, sitting at my writing desk!

  3. Eventually I want my bedroom to be a place like that. We still need a few things, but it is the room that we are currently working on! I think a bedroom should be a refuge, do you know what I mean?


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