Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Still no power.

I don't want to talk about it.

I've reached the point where I spontaneously burst into tears when I think about all of the food I had to throw away yesterday.

I know it could have been a lot worse. I know we were lucky. I know I am coming from a place of privilege.

But - honestly? I'm getting frustrated.

My mom must have thought I sounded pathetic when I talked to her on the phone today because she offered to treat Bruce and me for dinner. He was working until 5 so I surprised him at work and we picked a place in Patriot's Place, Tavolino.

(I don't know how to link from my phone!)

We started with a Fried Cheese appetizer, which was super smoky! And the marinara sauce was spicy - I was totally not expecting it. But it was a great starter.

As was this!

I went with the house salad topped with garlic crusted grilled chicken. I had the waitress put ground pepper on it - there was so much flavor!

We opted out of dessert and for a walk around Patriot's Place.

They're getting ready for tomorrow night's Patriot's game - football season already?!

Okay, friends. We need some prayers around here. I'm not going to ask for prayers that the power comes back but I am going to ask that you pray for our patience and sanity. I think (okay I know!) people are starting to lose both. I don't want accidents/fights/etc. to break out because of frustration.


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  1. Praying, girl! Hang in there. xoxo

  2. Aw, praying for you! It is getting ridiculous, for sure! Would it help if you dressed up like Little House on the Praire and pretended you were Laura Ingalls? Just a thought... and a little funny to make you smile.

  3. Thanks Mel! I keep telling myself it could have been worse. xoxo

  4. Ha! I was visiting Bruce at work yesterday and meandered over to the camping section. I actually contemplated telling Bruce we could sleep in a tent last night. If I don't have electricity, I may as well sleep outside!


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