Monday, August 15, 2011

Musings Of A Twenty-Something Pastor Part II

1. It is 63 degrees, raining and feels like fall right now.  It is glorious.

I pulled out jeans and boots for book club tonight.  Jeans and boots!  I'm in love.

2. When I left the church tonight, my desk looked like this ...

... and it will look like this for a week. 

Want to know why?


3. Bruce congratulated me on making it to vacation when I walked in the door tonight and then handed me this:

Landshark is my absolute favorite summer beer.  It tastes a lot like Corona, but better.  I have converted many Corona fans before.  Try it!

Behind-the-scenes blogging.

4. My vacation started off with a 9th inning come-from-behind win by the Braves.

I miss Atlanta.  Really.  I was cleaning out my car this afternoon, found my Breeze card for the train and almost cried.

5.  Did I mention that I'm on vacation?

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