Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lazy Days & Book Clubs

Bruce and I had a wonderfully lazy Sunday afternoon.  I did some work after church and then we set up camp in the basement with phones, books and the TV.

I am almost finished with "I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced" which is an unbelievable story of a 10 year old girl from Yemen who was granted a divorce after she was forced into an unlawful marriage.  We are reading it for book club and I am looking forward to our discussion about it tomorrow.

I am obviously horrified by the subject matter, but I think being oblivious is sometimes worse than being intolerant.  I am hoping to learn more about how I could potentially get involved on the activism side.

Anyway, it is a quick read and it is well worth it.  My eyes have been opened.  I would strongly recommend it to others!

Onto dinner ...

So - I think cooking is good for the soul.

Seriously - I realize spaghetti is not rocket science, but it felt good to actually be cooking something that resembled a meal again.  And eating it on on glass plates!  With Bruce!  Not in my office!

I used jarred sauce, but seasoned it with tons of sea salt, pepper, basil, minced onion and garlic powder.  So much flavor!

 + Garlic Bread.


Alright, I'm going to wind down for the night.


Anyone else in a book club?  I started a summer women's book club at the church and we're going to make it a permanent thing!  It's been fun to get a different type of reading in.


  1. Thank you for the book recommendation! I'm reserving it as we speak... :)

  2. WOW. That book looks amazing. I am currently reading The Help. I want to read this next, though!

  3. I've heard of that book.

    I'm in a book club. I love it. Basically reading has become our excuse to get together once a month and laugh and have a great time. We always joke that it's a half hour of book talk (if even!) and then the rest is talk about whatever we want to talk about. :)


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