Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Volksmarch Continued ...

Has anyone ever heard of a Volksmarch?  They are walking events that basically take you on a route through towns, seaports, cities, etc.  They are huge in Europe - more like races/events that we have in the states.  But in the United States most the Volksmarches are year-round ongoing events (I think).  You go to the starting point, pick up the map and go!

My uncle does tons of Volksmarches (he started when he and my aunt lived in Germany) and wanted to get one down in Connecticut and one in Rhode Island while they are on the East Coast from Arizona so they came back to Rehoboth with us today.  We decided to stop in Mystic on the drive and do the one there.  It was a 10K and a medium-difficulty course.  A couple of hills, but not bad.  Here are some of my photos!

I love how it says, "I am the resurrection and the life" on the way into the cemetery.  I got chills when I saw that.

We got back into the car and finished our trip to Rehoboth in great time!  Bruce and I showed Coni & Mark around the house and then the church.  Then we headed out to dinner!

(Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!)

We went to the Old Grist Mill Tavern (one of my favorites still!).

I ordered a chicken and mushroom grilled flatbread pizza.  Oh myyyyyyyy.  I'm so glad there are leftovers.

I'm sunburned, exhausted and ready for bed!  This has been a long 4th of July, but it's definitely been one where I realize how blessed I am to be part of such a wonderful family.


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