Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Is What Good Stories Are Made Of

Okay, I know I just posted, but this is hysterical and I couldn't not share.

My mom and dad are in Florida visiting my aunt and family and for the past three days I have been getting texts and calls about boats, swimming, shuttles, warm weather and vacationing bliss.  I just got the following picture text:

They are currently being towed back to shore after they ran into some engine trouble in the middle of the ocean.

I'm trying not to laugh.

I then had the following text conversation with Jen:

So I'm blogging about it.  I also made them take a picture of the four of them smiling and trying to find the situation funny, ha!

Aww, come on guys ... check out your view!

Well, I thought it was funny.


  1. Hey, if you need to be temporarily trapped somewhere, why not on the ocean with a beautiful view like that, right?! :)

  2. That's what I thought! I'm not sure they saw it that way, ha!


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