Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Straight From The Garden

Lunch will be free today!

Picking greens & more from the garden is the perfect way to start a day.  How therapeutic!

It's almost making this heat worth it, ha!


I've really been enjoying The Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday.  I am amazed at what happens when I spend a little bit of extra time caring about what I wear.  I feel better and I work better throughout the day.  It's like Wear a Dress Tuesday every day (and not just dresses!). 

I didn't get a photo every day last week, but here are a few!

The skirt on the top right was my mom's from years and years ago.  The dress on the bottom right was my (oh my I cannot believe I am going to admit this) high school graduation dress.  Proof that it doesn't cost much to have a versatile closet!

Speaking of working better throughout the day ... I'm off!


  1. How cool is it to get food from your own yard? This morning, I picked SIX zucchinis- I'm pretty sure some of those muffins I told you about are going to get baked today, along with some chocolate chip zucchini bread (what can I say? Chocolate and zucchini are a great pair). I'm looking forward to that!

  2. Can you do me A HUGE favor and move your phone over to one side of your face when taking a pictures, because you are WAY TOO PRETTY to have all of these pictures where your face is a black rectangle!!!!!!!!

    k thanks!


    Your greens look DELICIOUS!

  3. Such cute outfits and how good do those greens look?!! xoxox

  4. I wish I could still fit in my High School graduation dress! It was the most adorable white dress with red polka dots! Love yours :)

  5. stylish! i love that you kept and still wear your graduation dress. iwish i still had the dress i wore, i would love to wear it now!!


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