Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Air, Happy Pastor

I have never had much of a green thumb when it comes to flowers, but I have always loved having live plants as decor.  It is just such a classic and simple look - and the plants work to clean the air as well!  Unfortunately, I have a fluffy gray troublemaker that likes to eat plants, so having them in our house is out of the question.

Good thing I have an amazing office! 

My office is still a little bit of a work in progress (still loving my blue accent wall) and lately I have really been craving some more live plants.  I was gifted two plants when I first started at the church (one being my prayer plant) and I have added one lucky bamboo plant since then.  But I thought the area behind my desk would be nice if I added a few more.  I also really like the idea that the plants are sucking in all of the bad carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen while I'm working away (every little bit helps, right?).

Bruce and I were at Home Depot this afternoon and picked up these two medium light plants.  I only have one window in my office, so we looked for things that do not need direct sunlight (actually, they do badly if they get it!).  And because they won't get rain water, we also looked for plants that don't have a strenuous watering schedule.

And the winners are ... Dumb Cane and Snake Plant.  Both are seemingly low-maintenance, but still have great colors and textures!

I knew they would need to be re-potted, so I bought inexpensive pots when I was at Home Depot and used some potting soil we had at home.  I put a thin layer at the bottom of the pot ...

Pulled the plants out of the plastic temporary pots ...

And filled in a little bit more potting soil around the edges.


I waited until I got them to church to give them some water.  Don't they look great?!  I also bought an additional bamboo plant today (the one on the left is the one I got a few weeks ago, it's growing!) and put it in a vase that I already had.

Does anybody else have plants in their office?  Even if you don't have a lot of space, I recommend a lucky bamboo!  They literally will grow under flourescent light ...


Okay, now let's talk about my dinner!  Lettuce fresh out of the garden, a cucumber picked a few days ago, tomatoes (still from the store, they're not red yet!), kidney beans and freshly made croutons!  I'm fiiiiiinally getting the hang of croutons.  I'm going to try one more time before I put the recipe up here!

Oh, so good.  So, so good.  So much fresh food.  So much homemade food.  So, so good.

Speaking of good.  Good ... night!

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  1. the plants look great! i have been thinking about having a plant at my desk, but then i would have to choose to let go of another personal item at my desk, and i'm not ready to give one of them up yet! (you are so lucky to have your own office that you can decorate w/ ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want!! :) )

    also, on another post - you would be able to take SUPER photos from that scaffolding!! ; ) but be safe!


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