Monday, July 18, 2011

Full Circle

I had a dream last night that I was at a friend's house and saw three mountain lions in her yard.  I was trying to take a picture when one of them jumped through the (open) window and just started roaming the house.  I kept trying to tell everyone in the house that the lion was going to eat the kittens, but no one seemed to care.  And no one closed the window to make sure the other mountain lions didn't jump in and I thought that was weird.

I'm sorry, I just had to share.


Catching up on weekend posts?
Here is what I specifically did yesterday:
  • I fell down half a flight of stairs.
  • I developed a horrible headache and neckache after church.
  • I realized - after we lost power for 45 minutes (right before the World Cup Final - eek!) - that I have no idea who our electric provider is and wouldn't have known what to do if the power hadn't come back on.
  • I found out who our electric provider is.
  • I lost two years off of my life during the World Cup Final.
  • I started to wonder if I had lyme's disease because my neck hurt so badly.
  • I ate this:
  • I decided that I can deal with the heat because it means (1) it is grilling season and (2) there is so much fresh produce to be picked.
  • I picked two quarts of green beans.
  • I realized that my neck probably hurt because I fell down half a flight of stairs earlier in the day.
And then my day came full circle.

Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. aren't dreams fun? i dreamed about masks the other night, one red, one blue. do dreams always have meanings or are they sometimes just weird dreams? hmmm.

    sorry you fell down the stairs! hope your neck & head are feeling better!! : )


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