Monday, July 18, 2011

Back Up

My macbook tried to back itself up this afternoon, but I couldn't install the update because there wasn't enough space in the backup drive.  So I got to work backing up and deleting photos from iPhoto - there were over 30 GB of photos and videos in it!  Insanity.  I've been able to get rid of about 10 GB so far and I'm hoping to get another 10 GB or 15 GB out tomorrow.  I really shouldn't have let it get this full to begin with ...

Can you tell we have leftovers from Saturday's picnic?  Ha!

Bruce was a trooper and grilled in the rain tonight!  Although it was more like a drizzle at the time - it's FINALLY pouring, which I'm thrilled about, because it's been so humid.

Book club tonight - we're watching the movie Pride and Prejudice so we have something to compare the book to!  I've never seen it, so stay tuned ...


  1. You have NEVER seen Pride and Prejudice!?!?! That's like a crime! Favorite movie. Try the six hour made for tv version sometime... it's awesomeness.

  2. LOVE IT!!! I was just going to say you should try the 6 hour version... then I saw Laura's comment. See, two people say it, so therefore, you must do it!

  3. That's my sister's fave movie. I like it, but not like it so much that I'd watch it 1020494 times in a day :) have fun!

  4. I love that version of Pride & Prejudice! Of course, I haven't completely seen any other one, nor have a read the book. So I might not be the best of judge, but still... love it!


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