Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rehearsing Anniversaring

Guess what Bruce and I were doing two years ago?

Saying 'Goodnight!' and 'See you from the end of the aisle!'  Tomorrow is our anniversary!

We relaxed all afternoon and threw together a really simple dinner.  Daddy's Fried Chicken, Rice & Pickles.

And yes - that is half a fried pickle.  Bruce wanted to see if it would work.  Oh my.

It didn't, really. :)

I dipped in ketchup + ranch.

After dinner we went over to India Point Park, which is the point where the Seekonk River and Providence River converge into the Narragansett Bay.  Bruce is trying to catch stripers!

Unfortunately, the stripers weren't biting. But they didn't appear to be biting for anyone, not just Bruce.

It was still a beautiful night to be out and about - it's still early in the season!

We're winding down and thinking about what we want to do for our anniversary tomorrow.  I'm embarrassed to admit that neither one of us realized that tomorrow was the 13th until this morning!  Whoops?

Any suggestions?

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  1. I really love fried pickles! : )



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