Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Eating Habits

Morning everyone!  I have a big favor to ask this morning ...

A friend of mine is feeling super under the weather right now and Bruce and I offered to help with the kids and after-school / dinner / bedtime tonight.  Any suggestions on what to make for dinner?  I have no idea what kids eat!


  1. well, its been a while since my "kids" were "kids", but there is always Mac-n-cheese....(Annie's was always popular around our house)...Good luck! I'm sure you hear from some "newer" parents with recommendations....!

  2. ask the kids! for the first dinner, keep it something simple that you can be pretty sure they will like (homemade mac/cheese, hamburger helper, homemade chicken fingers). or, a favorite of mine from when I was a kid: breakfast for dinner (french toast is a hit).

  3. chicken fingers or even fish sticks! something portable and universally loved:)

  4. What kids eat depends a great deal on the kids. Generally mac & cheese, chicken (especially in nugget/breaded form), and spaghetti seem to go over well, but I've seen lots of kids who would like just as much to eat "grown-up" food. If the kids know you/think you're cool you could probably make something a little new and different, since kids (at least younger kids) tend to be more likely to try new foods if they see somebody cool eating it. Try not to stress too much over it, and whatever you do DO NOT suggest that they might not like what you make.

  5. My nieces are VERY picky eaters but they really love mac and cheese. I know kids also like those chicken fingers and nuggets as well as slices of apples and grapes if you want it to be more healthy :-)

  6. Spaghetti, mac&cheese, pizza (pick your own toppings maybe, if they're picky), and PB&J! Wait, this sounds like what I eat now...

  7. Mac and Cheese is a good choice. My girls (4&6) love salads too. Usually any kind of chicken is good to them. Also, spaghetti is always a hit, especially if there is garlic bread. :) Good luck. I'm sure you will have fun

  8. I've found that it's rare to find a kid who won't eat hot dogs, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, fries, pizza. My kids will eat almost anything we put in front of them. Some other easy meals are sloppy joes, grilled chicken, spaghetti and meatballs. (Any soft meat meals... like meatloaf. Nothing that would be too chewy.)

    Applesauce, yogurt, all kinds of fruit and carrots and cucumbers are staples.

    If you have trouble getting them to eat something ketchup, ranch or honey mustard seems to make everything better for some reason. Last night Jason was dipping his cantaloupe in ketchup. Gross!

    And you can usually fall back on pb&j if necessary.

    Good luck! You are a good friend to help a tired mama out! I am sure she won't care too much what you feed the kids because she is just going to be sooooo incredibly happy to have some help.


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