Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beauty All Around Us

Mom-Sponsored Wear a Dress Tuesday!

We poked our heads (and wallets, apparently) into Loft last night after the memorial and my mom offered to pick up the tab.  I was good, though. :) I bought this baby blue pencil skirt and two tank tops (one black, one white - the black one I'm wearing today).  Thanks mom!

Bruce and I were thinking that it might be nice to blow up some of the black and whites I've taken lately - Newport, Wickford and New York.  Any favorites?

I had to throw this one in ...

We walked to our car and witnessed a gorgeous sunset.  Sometimes I'm just in awe - if you look around, there is beauty all around us.

I realize it's barely 10:00, but I've been fighting a headache all afternoon and I think it's time to say uncle and just go to bed.  Night!

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  1. You look absolutely fantastic in that outfit! I love it!


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