Thursday, May 26, 2011

Starting My Morning Off Right

Mmm. I love seeing a new batch of coffee in the grinder.

Good morning Fat Puppy!  This morning we brewed the Brazil Yellow Bourbon from the Pocos de Caldas Region of Mogiana Brazil.

Sean's Notes:
  • The farms are located around the rim of the volcanic crater which provide a rich soil for the coffee trees.
  • This coffee has a splendid smooth body, sweet acidity, followed by a clean aftertaste.  Hints of nuts and berries can be found.

First pour!


Based on Sean's notes, I decided to serve a sweet(er) breakfast with it.

A multi-grain bagel toasted with peanut butter, granola and a drizzle with honey.

Initial verdict:  I'm really glad we tried this coffee first!  The coffee is absolutely packed with flavors, but not at all in a bitter way.  'Smooth body' was a spot on way to describe it and he was right when he said there is a clean aftertaste.  I don't at all feel like I have coffee breath.

I think I'll have a second cup!


  1. Don't you ever have anything to eat that won't make my mouth water? I mean, eat some brussel sprouts, or some liver, or perhaps frogs legs.... :)

  2. I am so happy you like the coffee! I love your pictures in this post as well. Oh and can you ship me some of your bagels? :)

  3. haha - yeah, i agree w/ the above comments. your food posts always inspire and make my tummy rumble - even tho i just ate!! :)


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