Thursday, May 26, 2011

Climbing The Ladder

The ladders are going in on the garden!

Look at my sweet husband - he should be so proud of himself!

The ladder on the right is for the peas and on the left is for the beans.

Too fun.  Too fun.

Lunch was kind of fun, too!  I started to hard boil some eggs for a salad and then decided that some rice on the salad would be delicious addition - so I put that on the stove.

THEN I decided that croutons would be icing on the cake (croutons on the salad?) and attempted to make my own.


It is too gorgeous out right now to be stuck inside!  Bruce and I are going to watch on of the youth in the church play tennis!


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  1. I put rice on my salad today, too. It just seemed to "go" and added some great texture:-).


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