Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Review - Rachael Ray Bubble and Brown Ramekin Sets

Dandelions are so pretty!

Are they really weeds?  I think they look magical!

So tonight I was finally able to review these Ramekin Sets that CSN sent me to review!

I ordered two sets of them, one in yellow and one in blue.  They come four to a set.

I made Individual Chicken & Veggie Mexican Casseroles!  Recipe to come ...

I absolutely adore these ramekins.  Adore them.  They are extremely versatile - they are oven, microwave AND dishwasher safe.  They are well made in terms of quality and a really good serving size.  And I love the bright colors!  Lots to choose from ...

I cannot wait to try out more recipes in these guys!  Thank you to CSN for making this meal happen.


Now for some legal chatter: I was contacted by CSN to do a review of one of their products and was given this product free of charge. However - the opinions I expressed in this post were completely my own. Over and out. Amen.


  1. LOL, love your disclaimer! I'll be excited to see your recipe for this and these little dishes look awesome! Your post makes me want a set of my own!

  2. I knew you'd love them!! You will HAVE to get the casserole dishes next. I know you'll use them obsessively. I just ordered the 3 qt. one on Amazon to go with the other 2 I have. Really. Add them to your wish list!


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