Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Confessions Of An Apple-Obsessed Minister: Volume 1

On Monday afternoon, my phone's inability to send a text message on the first time finally drove me to the point of asking AT&T if I could get my upgrade a few weeks early.

They said yes.

And now I have an iPhone4. 

I will be honest - I held off on buying an iPhone - or a smart phone in general - because I was always either at home, school or work and had the ability to connect to wifi.  It just wasn't worth the extra expense. Now there are days when I am either out visiting or at a meeting off-site and I still need to stay connected - a smart phone became necessary for the type of ministry I want to be apart of.  And because I am a lover of all things Apple, I went with the iPhone.

I've honestly been working a lot and haven't really had the opportunity to explore the phone in its entirety - I haven't even transferred my music yet and in the process of restoring my apps from my iPod Touch I lost all of my phone contacts.  Whoops!  But I did download, a photo app that I've seen both Dooce and The Pioneer Woman talk about.  So far I'm in love!

The editing process is really cool.  It's not something I will use all the time, but it gives a really neat way to tell a story!

I am also loving Face Time - my dad and I can video chat now!  We also have both downloaded Tango which is a video chatting app that you can use on the 3G (you have to be connected to wifi to use Face Time).  The nice thing about Tango is the fact that it has a Droid app, too - so I was just chatting with my mom and Aunt Jen with Jen's Droid!  Very cool.

Any other favorite apps out there?  Oh the blogging possibilities ...


  1. I can't wait till I get my iPhone, because I'll be able to face chat with you when it is time for you to come home from work. (This new pastor works her butt off)

  2. ^^^^ you have a nice husband!
    My stepsister got a new iPhone 4 and loves it! when I talked to her on the phone the other day the clarity was amazing! Enjoy!!!

  3. A few teachers have the iPhones and love them.

    I'll be upgrading to a smart phone this summer. Time for an upgrade and our new grade book will let us enter grades from the smart phones :-)

  4. I want an iPhone bad! Have to wait until November to do that so I'm working on being patient in the meantime! :)

    I love, love instagram and have several friends who use it an post their pics on FB!

    P.S. I'm smiling at Bruce's comment from above! :)


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