Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garden Progress: Don't Rain On My Parade

I don't want to talk about the fact that the sun came out so I frantically finished the thought I was on for my sermon and packed up to go home and enjoy it and by the time I got home it had clouded over and now we're in the middle of a thunderstorm.

So let's talk about my garden.



Yes, I trade my heels for crocs when I go out to the garden.  Seems like the smart thing to do.


More lettuce!


Our one lone pepper.

Bruce thinks that little sprout is a carrot.

Thriving onions - I love it!

And ... sunflowers!

I have to say - I think the process of watching everything grow is more fun than actually using the vegetables will be.

I'm off to do an anti-rain dance ... 


  1. so exciting! i want a garden so bad:) it must be super rewarding to prepare feasts with your bounty! the little lettuce is adorable!

  2. Looking good!! I really, really need to start a garden. Every year I say I will and then never do..

  3. The carrot caption made me laugh. So funny. It looks like a weed. ;) Gardens are exciting!!! Fresh veggies for dinner is even better!

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  5. I kind of agree with you that watching things grow is almost more fun than eating them. I think because while I love that we have a little herb garden I don't actually use it as much as I should. But still, I love that it's there!


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