Friday, May 6, 2011

Day Off?

I'm sure that it will come as a shock to no one that since I have started my job at the church I have found it challenging to find the time to do things that I used to take for granted.

Like ... clean my house.

It is amazing to me how little time I have for laundry, dishes, general cleaning and errand running.  I'm not really sure what, exactly, happens to my time.  I just know it's not there like it used to be.




Sorry, I just wanted to pause and give my parents an opportunity to control their laughter.

I know their laughter is just their way of telling me they're proud of me.

Anyway - Fridays are my day off and I told Bruce this morning that I really wanted to be productive today.  There is stuff going on at church tomorrow, I still need to finish my sermon for Sunday and next week is a bust week.  I want to go into it with a clean and organized house!

So we cleaned.  I organized some stuff that hadn't been unpacked, Bruce scrubbed the floors.  I put things away, Bruce mowed the lawn.  I folded five loads of laundry and Bruce ran some errands.  Bruce did the dishes this afternoon, I baked scones this evening and then cleaned the kitchen again.  I did take about an hour to zone out in front of the TV, but it felt good to get some stuff done around here.

While out running errands, Bruce picked up pizza.  I kind of like a Friday Night pizza tradition!

He ordered me a nice big salad, which I ate alongside two slices of pizza.

We are finishing up our night in front of the Bruins/Flyers game and playing Bananagrams, a game he learned while chaperoning a Youth Group lock-in last week.  It's fun!  I would imagine it gets really fast paced and hectic with a lot of people.

I'm exhausted and I think I still have a load of laundry to fold.  Goodnight!


  1. You and your mom look so much alike! I never really thought that until I saw this picture- you have good genes!

    You'll find your groove and it will get easier to time manage :)

  2. My family (especially my mom) is OBSESSED with bananagrams! We can play that next time Ondo and I visit...(pause here and try to imagine Ondo's reaction to playing a word game)

  3. It's amazing how much more calm I am about other things when I have a clean house.

    Good luck with your busy week!

  4. That sounds like my day today!! Getting things done that i neglected during tech week! CRAZY!


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