Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Thursday Morning List

1. Such horrific news of devastation coming out of the south this morning.  I've been tracking my friends via facebook and twitter, but my heart hurts for those who have lost loved ones.  The UCC is taking donations through Disaster Relief / One Great Hour of Sharing here if you are interested in donating to relief efforts.  Everyone affected continues to be in my prayers.

2. We saw two new birds this morning on our feeder!

I was able to get decent pictures of this one - I think a Yellow Finch?  Brian Cooper - please advise.

3. The basket we received on Easter contained bite-sized Coffee Cakes and Brownies.  I could not stop eating the Coffee Cakes this morning! 

So good.

4. My macbook power cord is making cackling noises.  I posted an "is this normal?" facebook status and apparently it's not.  According to my friend Betsy, this happened to a friend of hers and sparks ended up flying out of it.  Ummm - that's not good.  However - the noise appears to have stopped.  So now I don't know what to think.  Mac users - please advise.

5. I have almost re-found my desk after Hurricane Holy Week came through last week.  Perhaps there is some organizational hope for me after all?

Have a great day!


  1. It is yellow, and it is a finch. However, it's name is the American Goldfinch. They're pretty, aren't they?

  2. Those tornadoes looked like something straight out the movie Twister!

    Those birds are beautiful- great pictures :) And, no, I don't think a cord with electric current pulsing through it should make crackling noises. It's funny you used that word because when Spencer and I were driving home last night, the lighting was INSANE and Spencer kept telling me she didn't like that crackling thing in the sky!

  3. I had a friend who's cord started doing that, and then it burst into a tiny flame. She contacted the company and she had to get a new cord so she didn't ruin her Mac...

    The tornado activity is absolutely devastating. I was flying through atlanta yesterday in the early evening, and we were caught in a holding pattern for a long time, and the turbulence was terrible...

  4. These storms are just terrible. I have a friend who goes to graduate school in Tuscaloosa, AL, and she said parts of the city are completely flattened. The pictures she sent are unreal. Thoughts and prayers are definitely going out to everyone down there!


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