Thursday, April 28, 2011

Impromptu Date Night

As I started to piece together my office, I kept thinking about how nice it would look if I painted at least two of the walls a deep, warm color - I kept coming back to blue (think Maxwell House coffee can).  I thought it would make the room cozier and more relaxing - just as a pastor's office should be, right?  I mentioned the idea to someone, who mentioned it to someone and I was given the 'okay'!

So last night Bruce and I were at Home Depot picking up paint samples for our master & guest bedrooms (more on that tomorrow) and I decided to pick up a couple of samples for my office. 

A couple.

Perhaps I went overboard?

Two of my favorites - Southern Evening and Royal Breeze.  Thoughts?  It's not going on all four walls and will be contrasted with white.

When I got home this afternoon Bruce asked me if I wanted to ride up to Foxborough with him ... 

... to Bass Pro Shops!

I love meandering this store with Bruce.  It's just one of 'our' things.  This is our first trip to this store - it's a good one!

I love Bass Pro because it's an aquarium / museum / outdoor store / market all in one.

The Bass Pro in Foxborough is actually in the same big complex as the Gillette Stadium - where the Patriots play.  There are a ton of shops and restaurants there - we decided on Olive Garden for dinner.

I ordered Soup, Salad & Breadsticks!

With Minestrone Soup.  Anybody have a good recipe?

Post-dinner we wandered through Off-Broadway Shoes and Christmas Tree Shops.  I was a very responsible shopper tonight!  All in all a fun impromptu date night.

Tomorrow is my day off - I do have some work to do for a memorial service that I am presiding over on Saturday, but I think I'll do it on the couch in front of the Royal Wedding!  Sorry - but I've totally jumped on the bandwagon.  I'm not going to obsess, but I think it will be pretty cool to watch live.

Anybody else watching?


  1. oh my heck, may i just say? i am geeking out and slightly jealous about the bass pro shop trip! i love it there. (thank you for the picture of the turtles, MY FAVORITE! *grin*) i'm thinking i need to stop at the one in DM on my way to omaha next month. : )

  2. oh, also? royal breeze.. gorgeous!!

  3. Love minestrone, it's one of my favs! This recipes from AR is one of my favs...I change some of the beans and veggies and it always turns out great!

  4. As silly as it sounds I'm always a little enthralled by Brass Pro. It's just so crazy big and there's so much in there. I think part of it is that we never really had anything like it back in California.


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