Sunday, April 3, 2011

House Progress - Kitchen

Welcome to our kitchen!

This afternoon Bruce and I buckled down and finished unpacking the kitchen.  I'm convinced that the kitchen is one of the hardest rooms to unpack because there is so much stuff and most of it it wrapped.  So now that we've got this room done - the rest of the house will unpack itself, right?

That's what I thought.

Here - let's go on a tour!

I'm sure you remember this breakfast buffet from Atlanta and Connecticut.  We are using the wall cabinet for coffee mugs ...

... and the bottom for tea cups & saucers, fiesta ware pitchers, our small crock pot and my dutch oven.  The brown basket has tupperware in it (I like tupperware to be contained!).

Our coffee cart.  I put all of the tea in that square basket on the top shelf so we can just pull it out and pick what we want.

Remember when I showed off our new armoire?  We decided to use it in a way that we had never even considered - as a pantry!  We will definitely be adding a third shelf, but that's a project for another day.

Recycling bins from IKEA!

Okay - so here's the table situation.  It's a work in progress.  I know I said that I was going to sand and paint the chairs and table - but then my search picked up, I got a job and started to plan my Candidacy Weekend, a move and an ordination.

So I'm choosing sanity and living with the mismatched chairs and table.

Lots of counter space.


Finally - an unearthed stove!  Cooking will commence soon.

Speaking of not cooking ...

I heated up some leftover pizza with a side of chips & salsa for dinner.  We'll definitely go back to this place in the future!

So what do you think of the kitchen?


  1. love the kitchen, and especially all your colorful plates/bowls/mugs!! : )

  2. Howdy Pastor..its half-time of UConn, so I'm checking in on friends, and see you made some good headway today. How was first service? Exciting I am sure! Best of luck You unpacked a kitchen, I cleaned a barn(garage) with my wife's push and help! Be well!

  3. I think it looks so cute! And it seems huge, so much counter space. If it makes you feel better we have mismatched tables and chairs too. The boy decided to undertake staining them one weekend without realizing how much time would be involved. He finished the table, but still hasn't gone back for the chairs.

  4. @Carrie - A lot of them are fiesta ware! Wedding presents :)

    @Rick - We've got the game on - I'd be happier if it wasn't so close! The service went really well. I"m still getting used to the flow, but I know I'll be able to settle in over the next few months. Will you be joining Terry next week?

    @Shoshanah - I can't even imagine staining. Painting projects always take too long!

  5. The kitchen looks great, and I'm impressed you did so much in one day! It usually takes me awhile to get the kitchen done, because there's so much stuff that is there!

  6. Love the kitchen! And I love your idea for containing tupperware! I hate tupperware sprawled everywhere, but I had never thought of that!

  7. Boy it looks just like home !!!!!!

  8. Your kitchen looks so nice and I love all the space. I can't imagine being able to have 2 people in the kitchen at the same time :) Ha, and we have that same spice rack. My hubs uses it all.the.time!


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