Friday, April 29, 2011

Home Grown French Fries (Hopefully)

Today we planted potatoes!

And remember that when I say 'we' I really mean that Bruce is doing most of the work and I am tasked with blogging about it.

We are putting three types of potatoes in the ground this year - reds, norways and superiors.  "Two thicked-skins and one not-so-thick," according to Bruce.

This is the growing pile of rocks that Bruce pulled (and is still pulling) out of the ground!  If he doesn't use them for a walkway, I will use them to make a labyrinth.  We're still deciding.

So this is how we planted today.  Bruce stood, walked, tilled, shoveled, raked and planted ...

And I sat with my camera and threw the potatoes across the garden at him.

Everything is labeled so we know what is growing where!

Come on, potatoes!  I want home grown french fries with my burgers this summer!


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  2. Bruce, good luck with the garden! It is a labor of love!


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