Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Holy Week Part 1

Here's the cool thing about starting as the new pastor of a church three weeks before Easter - Easter itself already gives you the opportunity to re-ignite your faith and congregational goals.  I can't think of a better time to think about new ways to spread the Good News than to read the story about the women that ran from the empty tomb spreading the Good News!  Easter brings an opportunity for new beginnings - so does a new pastor!

On the flip side - here's the insane thing about starting as the new pastor of a church three weeks before Easter - you have no idea what's going on and there are five times the number of services to plan and preach at than normal.  Hmm.  Maybe that wasn't thought through very well.  But it'll be okay, right?

Then you realize that the newsletter goes out the same week as Holy Week and you owe the secretary your article.  Okay, okay.  What's one other thing to write, right?  Put a post-it reminder on your desk and move on.

And then you realize that the state of Massachusetts gets off for Patriots' Day so the secretary loses a day of work during Holy Week.  The week where there are four bulletins to put together instead of one AND a newsletter.

And then you start to hyperventilate.

Actually, that last part isn't true.  This is the part of ministry that I get a kick out of.  This is the part of ministry that I thrive on - I like having a lot to do and interacting and worshiping with church members several times throughout the week.

That being said - there is a LOT to get done.  Therefore - I brought some work home with me tonight.

Working from home is the best.  I've got my feet up and a cat sound asleep at my side.

AND a husband who cooks and brings me dinner.  AND he does the dishes!

We had grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and red onion for dinner.  Oh myyyyyyyy.

With a side of tomato & basil soup.  Perfect for dipping.

Back to work!  I know this is all new and I'm probably naive but I truly cannot believe that I get paid to be in ministry right now.  It's such a blessing ...


  1. Hi Sarah!! So happy for the new beginnings for you!! You can do it!! It's what got you there to begin with!!! Keep Moving forward!!! :)

  2. The Lord is blessing you lots & lots!!! And also, other than the onion, grilled cheese & tomato soup sounds divinely delicious! : )


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