Monday, April 25, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Look what is blooming outside of the church office!

I love spring!  Every year I forget how beautiful it it - and then every year I am in awe over everything blooming.

I ended up at the office a little late tonight, so Bruce was on dinner duty.  I got home while he was cooking ...

I snacked on cheese and crackers while he cooked.  The crackers were part of the basket we were given for Easter - very tasty!

Dinner was finger food - fried chicken made with homemade breadcrumbs. 

Actually about half of the batch was breaded with homemade breadcrumbs and the other half was breaded with saltines - because Bruce ran out of the breadcrumbs.  Creativity is where it's at in our kitchen apparently ...

I am currently watching Dancing With The Stars while eating this amazingness.  It's Guilty Pleasures night on DWTS - and these are mine!  They are called Wandies by Pina - it's a Rhode Island Italian dessert.  One of my church members brought some Easter leftovers to a meeting we had at church tonight.  I brought home the leftovers for Bruce to try - but I can't stop eating them!  So good ...

Anyone else watching Dancing With The Stars?  I'm really impressed with Chelsea and Mark - I'm more impressed that Bruce is actually letting me watch it!

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  1. I've been having to watch DWTS the day after because of bible study, but that actually works out, because I don't have to watch all the stuff in between the dances. I like Chelsea and Mark too! Of course, I love Hines Ward too, but I'm from Steeler Nation, so I have to.


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