Tuesday, April 26, 2011


These blooms appeared literally overnight last week at the church!

Beautiful, right?

This morning has been a little bit hectic - all good things!

Breakfast (repeat of yesterday, although today I accidentally set the toaster oven on fire when I was heating up the cornbread).

Lunch!  I feel like I'm back in college - this was a staple back then.

It's about 75 degrees and sunny out right now so I'm off to enjoy the day because I have a meeting tonight.  Catch 'ya later!  Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!  xoxo


  1. We are starting to see some blooming here too!

    Funny story about cornbread... will probably post at GT tomorrow.

    And Liza and I are wearing dresses today! :) In honor of your wear a dress Tuesday... and the sun was shining... and it was warm... and I could wear flip flops!

  2. I passed so many of those trees on my jog this afternoon. Absolutely gorgeous and wonderful smelling!

  3. i hope you didn't wreck your toaster when you set it on fire! ; )


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