Monday, March 21, 2011

Vitamin D Replacement

Want the cure for a late-March-it's-supposed-to-be-spring-snow?

Soup!  I took a can of chicken noodle and beefed it up with some frozen veggies and crushed saltines.  Then I garnished it with shredded sharp cheddar cheese.

Check out those veggies!

Oh man, this was so good.  Once the saltines were in the soup they became a dumpling-like texture.  Hard to believe this was a canned soup!

Alright, it's back to work for this girl.  I'm putting together a wedding service for some friends.  Weddings are definitely one of the perks of ministry. :)


  1. If you want veggies, I can some you some of the veggies, I'm eating!!! LOL!!! ; )

  2. That looks soooo good! I love saltines in soup, so filling and yummy.


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