Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still We Bumble Along ...

I am having so much fun shooting my dad's cast this year!

They are so talented, so sweet and so wonderful to be around!

I have to make this quick because I don't want it to be another late night!  This afternoon I met my dad after school let out and we went to Costco to pick up some of the photos that we printed to be hung in the lobby.  While we were there my dad had the idea to pick up a "snack".

Well ... one huge berry smoothie ...

... and a frozen yogurt that I shared with my dad later, I was stuffed.  So I didn't eat dinner.  And then was starving at 9:30 when I got home.  Still working on that balance in my life. :)

Two things:
1. Frozen yogurt is a bad idea in Connecticut in March.  We drove back to the high school with the heat blasting.  Brr!
2. My dad also ordered a hot dog and a coke.  The entire bill was LESS than $5!  Three cheers for Costco!

I checked my email before rehearsal started and had some wonderful Wear a Dress Tuesday pictures in my inbox!

Alyssa got a new dress!  TJ Maxx - who else besides me loves that store?!

I'm 95% sure I was with Sara when she bought that necklace.  I'm also 95% sure I was the one who convinced her to buy it.

I miss my Atlanta friends!

I paired a purple flowy shirt with a black skirt, tights and boots today.  The shirt is definitely a summer shirt, but I'm tired of all of my winter clothes!  I just threw a sweater over it and tried to will spring to come. :)

Also ... please disregard the mess in my closet.  Apparently I've decided that because I'm moving in three weeks I no longer have to put away my laundry.

Here are your daily Chaperone pics!

Night all!


  1. You were 100% with me! And now I'm crying.....

  2. So I really feel like having frozen yogurt now ... thanks a lot ;)

  3. Really cute students in their play attire.

  4. Thank you Karen! The costumers really are incredible.


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