Wednesday, March 16, 2011

As We Stumble Along ...


It's wet right now.  Very very wet.

Nothing a bowl of oatmeal can't fix!

I was working through emails this morning and breakfast was late, so I grabbed an english muffin and am hoping this holds me for awhile.  I've got a busy day!

On the docket today - haircut, bible study, rehearsal.  I have to do my bible study homework!


I was reading through the comments on this post yesterday and it sounds like I'm not the only one in an exercise rut.  I think it's the time of the year.  Every time spring tries to pop up, the temperature crashes!  Anyway, I'm trying to cut myself some slack - there's a lot going on right now.  And I think you all should too!  Let's start small.  Yesterday I focused on drinking a lot of water.  Today I'm going to focus on 20 minutes of some sort of stretching/yoga/pilates.  Anyone care to join me?

Last night was the first time I had seen the closing number of my dad's show.  I was standing on the edge of the stage and all of sudden the lyrics to the song hit me and I started to cry.  I shared them with some friends last night, but I thought I would post them here.  I felt like this song was written for me!

Have a great day everyone!

As we stumble along
on life's funny journey.
As we stumble along
into the blue.
We look here and we look there.
Seeking answers anywhere.
Never sure of where to turn or what to do.

Still we bumble our way
through life's crazy labrynth.
Barely knowing left from right
nor right from wrong.
And the best that we can do
is hope a blue bird,
will sing his song
as we stumble along. 

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  1. Those are beautiful lyrics. I love finding songs that actually connect with out lives. :)


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