Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sometimes ... Me And Cooking ...

Apparently I don't learn from my mistakes.  Remember when I set off my parent's smoke alarm and swore to never cook in someone else's kitchen again?

Yeah ... well ... here's the thing.

My mom requested Chicken Fried Chicken & Gravy for dinner tonight.  She said she would provide everything if I made it.  I was just so excited that someone requested my cooking that I completely forgot that I am apparently incapable of cooking in their kitchen.

So I made dinner.

And ... I ended up with a kitchen full of smoke AND a brand new burn on my right index finger.  What's up with me and gravy?!

Totally worth it, though.  I nailed the gravy this time!  Perfect texture.

AND my mom always agrees to clean the kitchen if she doesn't have to cook.  Amen.

In other news, I had a fabulous Wear a Dress Tuesday!

This dress came from our church thrift shop - can you believe it?!  I love it.  Such a bold and confident color.

Who else participated today?  Anyone participate for the first time?

I was at church when I took this picture (I've hiked the mountain in the background!) - we are trying to finish up this welcome brochure.  But when I came home I buried my head in my computer and worked on a freelance article about different ways to sneak vegetables into your family's diet.  Check it out here!

Alright, I am trying to follow NCIS: LA and am so confused.  Turning my attention back now - night all!


  1. Ok...this was my best find tonight!! I saw "The Wife's Corner" on you hubby's fishing blog and thought that was a cute idea...then open this up and see that chicken!!! Ok...I'm following because I need to spend a little more time in the kitchen...haha.

  2. That chicken fried chicken looks delish! My husband wouldn't care if I burned the house down if it resulted in that, lol!

  3. @River Damsel - I'm glad you found me! Bruce has shown me your blog a couple of times.

    And don't feel bad about how much time you spend in the kitchen - I blog about food because I'm determined to figure out how to cook!

    @Jenn - Ha! There are some days when my husband just appreciates the effort, but he said yesterday that I nailed the whole meal!

  4. I participated in Wear a Dress Tuesday for the first time! I have been meaning to do it, but I always forget that it is Tuesday in my half-awake state when I get dressed. I didn't take a picture though. I don't have a good picture taking mirror.

  5. Like Jessica, I also don't have a good picture-taking mirror. I did participate again, though. I actually just bought a new jean skirt on Monday and was eager to show it off. I LOVED my old jean skirt.... but it's now too big, as I've lost some weight. I can deal with its retirement for that reason. :) Plus, my new one's mid-calf instead of ankle length, and it's got a sassy swing.


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