Monday, March 7, 2011

The Great Flood of 2011

Wow - this will definitely go down as the Great Flood of 2011!

I stole these pictures from my friend Barbara's facebook page.  Her house is practically on the river and I think she's stuck inside right now - this is what the road looks like down the street from her house!  Wow.

We're making progress on the flooding in our basement.  Bruce bought a small shop vac and we're also running fans and a dehumidifier - luckily the water stopped pouring in this morning. :)

I went for a drive this afternoon to check out different parts of the river.  I was detoured all over the place - craziness!

See all those trees?  They're usually on dry land.

Look at those rapids!  This is usually the calm part of the river ... 

The water falls were ridiculous ... 

Look at the rainbow!

There was mist coming off of the falls - it was so strong I could feel it from the bridge!

I stopped in at the church and snapped this picture.  The rain froze on top of the mountain and now there is an entire coating of ice on the top of them!

I made a delicious egg sandwich before I headed out on my "ice-seeing" adventure.  I used two eggs and cooked them up omelet style with some cheese.

Oh man.  Delicious.

I finally was able to upload the video I took the other night at my dad's rehearsal and I thought I'd share it on here.  The song that the kids were doing is called "Toledo Surprise".  Obviously it's not performance ready yet (I think my favorite part is when on of the kids stops and says, "Oh crap!"), but it's coming along!  Enjoy.

Toledo Surprise! from Sarah Weaver on Vimeo.

I hope you're all having a great day!  xoxo


  1. Their not even in the union!!!!

  2. Those rainbow pictures are GORGEOUS. On the bright side, it looks like some of your snow got washed away? ;)

  3. Whoa, that's an insane flood! Hope nobody's gotten hurt or anything. :/ Love the video, too..they're great tap dancers!

  4. Dear Rev Sarah. I am not a member of your new church but many people I love are. Deb Woodard is my husband's sister and their family goes back many generations in Rehoboth and in your church. I thought you may want to know what a special group of people have chosen you to lead them in faith, although by now I am sure you have an inkling. After the last minister left, many were disheartened. Many more took up the challenge and worked together to have services and keep the church going while they looked for the "right" person to bring new life and hope into their congregation. I know very little about the process of selecting a minister but I do know that your congregation met faithfully to follow the proper procedures and with prayer and good old Yankee persistence, they were led to you. To say they are enthusiastic and refreshed by having called you (and your husband) is an understatement. I know what it means to them to have a minister again and I pray that yours will be a long and happy tenure. Good luck, God Bless you and welcome to Rehoboth. Marie Morrell

  5. Marie,

    Thank you for your wonderfully kind words! Bruce and I are thrilled and honored to be welcomed into such a great community.

    I hope to meet you sometime in person!



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