Friday, March 11, 2011

A Friday Night List

1. I received a comment this morning from a blog reader asking all of us to life up Mary in our prayers.  Mary is a wife and mother of two and is in dire need of a liver transplant.  You can check out the blog they set up for more information and updates.

2. Please keep the academic adviser of one of my church members in your prayers.  She is in Japan and no one has been able to get in touch with her yet.

3. I spent part of the afternoon addressing ...

... ordination invitations!

Just FYI - the paper invitations are mostly for family members and church members that don't have e-mail.  The ordination isn't an invite only thing - all are invited!  I'm going to try to work on an Evite or Facebook Event so we have an idea about numbers, but e-mail me if you're coming and need more information.

4. Dinner was delicious.

Bruce was out at Cabella's this afternoon and stopped at the grocery store on his way home.  He picked up a rotisserie chicken and all sorts of salad fixins ... 

I added the chopped walnuts and drizzled it with a sesame & ginger dressing.

Well, yum.

5. Dessert was delicious, too!

Yogurt covered pretzels.

Yogurt ... does that mean they are classified as a health food?

6. I absolutely LOVE today's post on JJ Wildlife Photography.  The action that he captures is remarkable!

7. I've done a lot of blog maintenance lately (while I still have the time, ha!).  I updated my about me page, my family page, my recipe page and my photography gear & tutorials page.  I also added some photos to my Wear a Dress Tuesday page.  Let me know what you think!

8. I'm going to curl up and watch NCIS on DVD while Bruce ties flies.  On a Friday night.  I'm pretty horrified at my lack of life right now.

Night all!

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  1. Thanks Sarah, The prayers mean alot !! Still no word !!


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