Monday, March 28, 2011

Freaky Friday

I love sunshine!

I also love grilled cheese with a cornmeal crust.

It's delicious.

Bruce and I had a Freaky Friday moment the other day.  He walked into the room that I was sitting in and said, "Hey Sarah let's make sure we get internet set up at the house in Rehoboth so you can update your blog."

This coming from the man who didn't understand why we needed internet at this house when we moved up here.

I was speechless.

I spent about an hour online today trying to set everything up.  We don't have cable at the house right now, but I decided that I kind of miss the simple things like the Today Show in the morning, Sunday afternoon sports and NCIS reruns on as background noise at night.  I found a pretty inexpensive bundle and we should be up and running by Friday night. Hooray!

I've got an afternoon window shopping date with my sister.  Have a great afternoon!

1 comment:

  1. NCIS!!! Mark Harmon is my husband. Isn't it nice of Pam Dawber to share him w/ me? LOL

    Also, that sandwich looks AWESOME - I've been craving grilled cheese...


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