Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fast Approaching Tax Day

Goooooooood moooorning!

April 15th (/April 18th - why is there an extension this year?) is really starting to sneak up on me and I woke up knowing I HAD to get my tax stuff to my accountant TODAY.  So before I even made coffee or breakfast (gasp!) I was in my office collecting papers and online downloading an e-something-something (read: why I hire an accountant) forms.  I'm heading to the post office as soon as I hit publish!

I had no waffles, but a ton of blueberry sauce left over this morning so I decided to just make another batch of waffles so I could eat up the sauce.

Oh myyyyy this stuff is good.

I just had the following conversation with Bruce ...
  • Me: Do you want to hear the title of my sermon this week?
  • Bruce: Sure.
  • Me: "I Think Jesus Had The Right Idea."
  • Bruce ... uhhh, I think Jesus had the right idea?! Your congregation is going to take one look at that and wonder why they gave you so much money to go to seminary.
HA!  Kent friends, I'm preaching this Sunday.  It'll be my last for awhile - please come!

Alright, this tax stuff does me no good unless I mail it.  Have a great day y'all!


Out of curiosity - do y'all do your own taxes?  I'm sure we could probably figure them out ourselves this year, but clergy taxes are incredibly complicated and I need a professional to walk me through them.  I bow at your IRS-awesomeness if you do your own!


  1. I can't imagine how complicated clergy taxes are! We have an S corp, so we have an accountant do ours. Good luck with it!

  2. Those waffles look soooo goood!! Oh my gosh! I want one now. :P

    Fortunately, I don't have to deal with taxes just yet so I don't *really* know how it is..but I I do know it's not exactly fun. :/

  3. those pictures are amazing!!! I am drooling just looking at them.

  4. One of the benefits of having all loans and no income for the last four years... nothing for anyone to tax! And that's about where the benefits end.

  5. mmm...waffles!

    and i used to do my own taxes (over the phone!) but now w/ a 401k & HSA & MSA & idk what an MSA is actually... anyway, w/ all that newfangled stuff we have as part of "adulthood" or something, i have a pro do them. thankfully, my tax ppl are family friends who i used to work for!! : )

  6. My mom & uncle do our taxes... :) He's an accountant, and she's a bookeeper. She goes to help him out during tax season (AKA right now). I like having family do it... I don't worry about anything! Haha.

  7. My dad normally does my taxes, but this years he's not because I forced my fiance to do them! Ha!


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