Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We're so excited about the next step. But it's always sad to see an empty house.

My parents brought us pizza for dinner - extremely helpful because our entire kitchen is packed!

I think we've both lost momentum so we're taking a break and trying to get our energy back.  I'm blogging and Bruce is watching TV - we're hoping we have at least 45 minutes to an hour more of packing left in us tonight.

We pick up the truck in the morning - it's supposed to SNOW!


  1. Looks awesome!! Bet you're gonna miss that pantry!

  2. You have NO idea! I didn't have the money while I was here to take advantage of it either!

  3. Wow-I can't believe that you're posting more "we're packed" pictures-seems like only a few short weeks ago you were posting them from Atlanta!

  4. Tell me about it! Everything worked out the way it was supposed to - but it's been a crazy couple of months!

  5. But just think by late friday you will be in a Full House again !!!!


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