Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's snowing.


Dear Mother Nature,
I am so sorry for every time I complained about the heat in Atlanta.  I should have known better.  I promise I will embrace sunny skies, warm days and even (gulp) humidity from here on out

Hmm.  I think it just started snowing harder.  I give up.

When I rolled over and saw that my world was once again blanketed in the white stuff, I decided I wanted one thing for breakfast: Sweet Flapjack Pancakes.

With a glub of real maple syrup.  It's the best!

Served on my favorite plates.  Bruce brought them home on one of his trips to Taize, France.

Lucky for me, I am preaching on Sunday and need to stay put until I know where I am going with my sermon.  So perhaps the snow is a good thing?

Have a great one, friends!

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  1. I agree that real maple syrup is some fantastic stuff!


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