Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Robe Up

Afternoon everybody!  I've been a little slow moving this morning - and then our power went out!  Argh.

Nothing exciting cooking in my kitchen this morning - Bruce was fixing the sink yesterday and things are still kind of a mess!

Although, I do like being able to say, "Sorry the water's turned off, I can't do the dishes."

PB&J on thickly sliced sourdough, yum!  Good bread really is the starting point for a good sandwich - even a simple one like PB&J.  On last night's Suite101 article, I carefully selected custom bread for each sandwich.

So I am in the process of ordering a clergy robe.  They are custom made and I wasn't sure how long it would take.  I don't want to be scrambling once I actually need it.

This is the one that I am getting.  I got an email from them this morning saying that they thought my measurements were off, so I spent some time trying to fix them.  They need back length, height with heels, arm length, floor clearance, etc.  What happened to basic S/M/L?!  It will be a miracle if this shows up and actually fits me.

What are you all up to today?  The sun is shining - I think I'll take a long walk!


  1. That PBJ looks absolutely delish!! Thinking maybe I'll have one, too.

    Found you over on, really enjoying your blog so far! :)


  2. Ummm...weird. You would fit into my robe and it's a 52"M - meaning 52 inches from top to bottom and medium through the chest area. See...this is also why I bought my robe where I could try it on! I do like the one you selected. It is similar to mine. I love the robes with the cross brocade patterns going through them. I want to find a white robe in the same style as my black one...or I might just order the Susannah Wesley style! HAH! Gotta love being UM.

  3. Lindsay, nice to meet you!

    Sarah, I really wanted to try it on, but there is NOWHERE to buy a robe around here. I went to the Cokesbury sale a couple of times in Atlanta but they never had anything that fit me! At least I'm not paying for it. Ordination present from my parents.


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