Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Official: I'm Old.

Good evening and Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!

It was way colder than I thought it was going to be today.  I went to New Haven in flats and leggings, nearly froze on my walk to the hospital and grabbed stocking and boots when I went out again tonight!  Brr.

Today I wore a gray dress with a fabulously-clearanced button-up sweater, black leggings and boots.  I did not have enough layers on!  Where is spring?!


So this afternoon I picked up the son of some friends from school because they both had to work late.  I did the whole soccer mom thing!  I pulled up to the school, signed him out and even asked him how his day was and if he had any homework!  Ha.  However - we were playing this buzz game before dinner and I realized when he handed me the controller and I asked him what the heck I was supposed to do with it that I'm officially old.

Actually maybe it was after he rolled his eyes and said, "it's the GAME CONTROLLER" that I realized that I was old.

Look at the Sarah Avator!  Isn't she cute?

(The fact that I took a picture of my avator and am now calling her cute is probably earning me another eye roll.)

N. wanted pizza for dinner, so I suggested we made salads to go on the side.  They were delish!

Am I living under a rock?  I didn't realize you could buy those colorful tortilla strips at a grocery store.  This is opening up a whole new world of salad making for me!

Stouffer's Cheese Pizza.  I'm just gonna say it - Stouffer's meals are amazing.

My Salad:
- Iceberg Lettuce
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Shredded Carrots
- Croutons
- Tortilla Strips
- Drizzled With Ranch Dressing

I'm kind of obsessed with their flatware.  I think Courtney said they got it at Crate & Barrel?  I've been pricing out new flatware for a couple of months - a strange thing to obsess over, I know.

My latest article is up on Suite101!  Check it out here.  I created five different and fun variations on the grilled cheese sandwich - one for each season of the year (two for winter - one for bitter cold and one for snow).  I also suggested soups to pair with the sandwiches and beverages and desserts to serve with the meal.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. I think you mean avatar... not aviator. LOL

  2. They come out with a new gaming system every other month and they're hard to keep track of..so don't feel *too* old. ;)

  3. Read through your grilled cheese article, great stuff! Another good one is "Thanksgiving Grilled Cheese" that includes turkey, melted brie, and cranberry sauce. It's my favorite thing to make with leftovers :)


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