Friday, February 25, 2011

A List

1. It's been pouring all day.

2. Because of #1 I've been resisting the urge to run around in the rain.

3. Also because of #1 I have been watching One Tree Hill reruns all day.  I think my brain needed a break.  Although I am a good multi-tasker - so the day hasn't been a complete loss, productivity-wise.

4. Bruce made me lunch today.  He's pretty much the best husband ever.

5. That was our last can of tuna.  All we have left to eat at this point is peanut butter & jelly and an assortment of leftovers that probably aren't good anymore.  I should probably go to the grocery store.

6. Have I mentioned lately that I live 15 minutes from the nearest grocery store?  There are some parts of city life that I miss.  Convenience is one of them.

7. I wish I could hire someone to do my grocery shopping for me.

8. My amazingly-talented husband etched a Wear a Dress Tuesday glass for me!  Coolest gift EVER!

9. Because of #1 I decided to knit myself a scarf.

9. I'm hoping that the fact that I'm making myself a scarf will jinx the weather and spring will come.

10. In the time that it took me to write this blog post it stopped pouring rain and started pouring snow.  I need to stop talking about the weather.


  1. Please jinx the weather ... please, please, PLEASE jinx it!!

  2. I can't wait for spring to show it's face!
    And that glass is too cute! What a sweet hubby you've got!

  3. LOL sorry bout the rain/snow. how awesome is that glass? talented hubby in deed! : )

    also - 15 minutes isn't far! (but to be fair, i travel 25-30 minutes to another state for work every day...*laugh*) hope you got some food!

  4. They are saying maybe 3" of snow tonight !!!!!

  5. Is grocery shopping a job?! I would totally be your grocery shopping- I love doing it. It's my favorite form of retail therapy.

  6. I would like a WADT glass...........


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