Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Delightful, It's Delicious, It's Delovely


Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday everyone!

When I lived in the south I noticed that when it snowed (the few times!) everyone would pull out umbrellas like it was raining.  I have never seen that before!  I guess it does make sense, though, so I decided to pull out my fun Vera Bradley umbrella (a Christmas gift from my awesome sis-in-law, Steph) for today's Wear a Dress Tuesday photo shoot. :)


We are in full blown snow day mode over here, so I made a big breakfast-for-lunch this afternoon.

Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and orange juice!  Yummmm.

The bacon is maple smoked, so the flavor is delicious!  It gave the entire savory meal a nice sweet touch.

Ketchup with my hash browns. :)


We're currently contemplating driving up to spend some time with my parents, but I'm afraid the roads are icy.  Maybe a cozy night in front of the fire is in store for us?  That actually sounds ... kind of perfect.


  1. I've never seen people pull out umbrellas for snow before? I mean, I get being cold blooded..but dang!

  2. yum, I love breakfast all day long!

  3. i've never seen umbrellas w/ snow either. but then again i never seen snow. LOL. (i mean, rarely!)

    You are so tiny!!! :)


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