Monday, February 14, 2011


Yep, gorgeous.

That is the only way to describe this day.

My desktop thermometer says it's 53 degrees right now!  I should open up all the windows in the house!


Sort of.

Outdoor photography!  Nothing beats that natural sunlight.

Nothing also beats a lunch made with leftovers from my dad's latest batch of chili.

My dad was commenting on how good he thought this batch of chili was.  Bruce said it was probably because it was a little milder and you could actually taste the flavors!

Served with a huuuuge slice of grainy bread.

Is it gorgeous where you are?  I hope so!


  1. It's AMAZING weather right now! Super sunny, warm, and all the snow is melting! The chili looks great! It's one of my favorite wintery foods!

  2. It was 62 here today ... 62!! I'm ignoring the fact that we're back to the thirties tomorrow and relishing the makeshift summer instead ;-)

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous!! I'd say it's gorgeous here, too..although a totally different type of grogeous from your scenery. It was 68* and sunny with a slught breeze here. :)


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