Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Go Greased Lightning

I was helping my dad scan some photos from his previous musicals this evening (he's a high school choral teacher and directs the musicals every year) and look at some of the fun shots I came across from 2000.  We did Grease!

Go Greased Lightin' you're burnin' up the quarter mile ...

Beauty school dropout ... no graduation day for you ...

Epic final scene.

The weather cleared up this afternoon, so Bruce and I were fighting some cabin fever.  We asked my parents what they were doing for dinner and they told us they would order and pay for pizza if we would pick it up on our way to their house.  Deal!

My dad SHOCKED me tonight when he ordered a Hawaiian Pizza!  My dad, the same man who told me I needed to create a section on my blog for "manly food" because too much of my stuff was "girl food", ordered a pizza with ham and PINEAPPLE?

Dad - you know pineapple is a fruit, right?

I steamed some broccoli to put on the side of my plate - balance balance balance.  Although it was bland.  I wish I had time to roast it!  Are there are quick seasonings for steamed veggies?

I think a miracle is about to occur - I will be in bed before 10!



  1. Get some of Mrs. Dash's salt-free seasoning blends. Steam the veggies and then just sprinkle the seasonings over! I use the chipotle seasoning blend on top of regular green salads too!

  2. A little (and I mean a little) coconut oil on the veggies is delicious too! And nothing beats plain old salt and pepper in my book. When we were kids my mom used to put grated Parmesan cheese on green beans and I think on broccoli too.


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