Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's official.

Our house has been taken over by ICE!

That can't be good for the gutters.

Bruce dug a hole down to the ground in our front yard and crawled in it.  It's up past his thighs!

Lunch was leftovers from Dad's Mac 'n Cheese Casserole and a salad with some romaine, tomatoes and walnuts.

My life is all about balance these days.  There is no way I can eat 100% healthy, all the time.  It's just not realistic, it's expensive and Bruce would throw me out of the house.  But I am learning how to balance.

So, for today ... Balance = Not-So-Healthy Mac 'n Cheese + Salad.

Now, if only Mother Nature would find some better balance between snow and sunshine ...

I'm pretty sure the bushes in the front of my house will never be the same.

Things ARE trying to melt, though ...

So close!

How are you guys finding balance in your life these days?


  1. gorgeous photos! you have such a talent!

  2. Oh my! I've NEVER seen that much snow in my LIFE! Seriously. I'm amazed. The food looks great. I'm going to get me something to eat now...

  3. I know, it's ridiculous! We haven't had this much in a LONG time.

  4. I would love to see what your readers have to say about balance. I think I could use a few pointers!

  5. I love your blog and your beautiful photos! I hope you are doing well. :-)

  6. I am now firmly convinced that the snow and ice won't melt completely until at LEAST March. It's just ... everywhere! So pretty to look at, though, and your pictures are beautiful!

  7. i think i got colder looking at these pics! it is FREEZING here! Ok, it's not as cold here as there. But our bodies aren't used to this! We don't have the right clothing! LOL

  8. I love your blog! Thanks, Sherri


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