Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Unexpected Dinner Guest

I need help - what day is it?  The holidays have me all sorts of confused right now.

I heated up a leftover rice bowl for lunch today (using one of my new bowls from Goodwill!).

It feels nice to eat food that's not quite so heavy.  I feel like the holidays are a great time to fill up the table with lots of delicious extras, but at some point my body needs a break!  I think I've reached that point.

I spent the afternoon prepping and priming one of the spare bedrooms.  We're taking the "getting the house ready to be put back on the market" improvements one room at a time and this room just needs a quick coat of paint.  It should be ready by the end of the week.  Hooray!  One room down ...

I did something for dinner tonight that made me so happy I could almost cry ...

I set the table and forced us to actually sit down and have a technology-free dinner.  Granted, nothing matches (yet) and there are still Goodwill price tags on the chairs (whoops) but walking into the dining room and putting dinner on the table absolutely made my soul sing.  We have been eating on the floor or couch for two years.

We had frozen some of the soup that my church member brought down when we moved in and I defrosted it tonight.  It was just as delicious as it was before!  I'm hoping to make and freeze a lot of soups this winter now that I have the storage space - what are your favorite soup recipes?  Please share!

I absolutely love my new soup crocks.  I'm in a state of disbelief that I paid $2 for each of them.

I garnished the soup with some crushed up saltines to give it a little crunch.  That definitely brought the it over the top.

Look who joined us for dinner!

She literally jumped up on the chair and sat there for several minutes while we ate!  Bruce and I were in absolute hysterics.  My camera was in the kitchen and I was afraid she would jump down if I went to get it, but my phone was sitting next to me and I was able to get a picture with that.  I think she's intrigued by the new chairs?

There was one last piece of Peanut Butter Pie in the freezer so we split it for dessert!

Bruce heated up some water and pulled out the french press for some decaf Seattle's Best to top off the night.

Strong Hot Coffee + Smooth Cold Peanut Butter Pie = A Delectable Combination.

Tonight - for the first time in a couple of weeks - I feel settled.  It is an awesome feeling.

Night all!


  1. I love love love soup - Tasty Kitchen (PW's site) has tons of fabulous recipes.

    Here is one of my favorites from TK:

    And two of our family fav's from my blog:
    1. Chicken Noodle:

    2. Green Chili:

    All of them freeze well - I love to make a huge batch and freeze it in individual portions for quick tasty meals during the week.

  2. I'm at the point where I'm needing to really clean up my diet, too. I wanted to get that started yesterday, but yesterday brought my mother-in-law's annual New Year's Day dinner- which included pork and sauerkraut- and I happily obliged.
    My go-to soup "recipe" is really any sort of bean I have on hand, diced tomatoes, sauteed onion (if I have it), any veggies I think will "go" with the rest of the ensemble, maybe corn, and taco seasoning...and then I just let it cook for awhile. I actually made some (and ate a bunch) today. But I could erally stand to branch out!

  3. Lots of soup recipes on my blog!
    Those soup crocks are awesome! & big!!

    Love the cat pics!

  4. Awww, your cat is so cute!

    I love good finds. My husband and I have a great set of casserole dishes that we found at the Salvation Army.

    Just found your blog; can't wait to follow! :-)

  5. That looks like such a yummy dinner, especially dessert. I'll gladly take any leftovers! ;)

  6. My cat joined me for lunch today, too! She hasn't begged since she wa sa kitten (when she stuck her paw in my cereal and spilled it all over my lap and herself..) but today she plopped right up on the chair, getting as close as possible to me and my food as she could get. Silly kittens. :P


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