Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodwill Finds

Morning!  Don't tell the big guy, but Bruce and I skipped church today!  Talk of resolutions and life kept us up late and we needed some extra snooze time this morning.

Oatmeal for two!  I made mine with chopped walnuts and brown sugar, Bruce added a chopped apple, brown sugar and a little bit of cinnamon to his.

Oatmeal always fills me up soooooo fast.  I was really hungry when we got up, so I put in 1/2 cup of dried oats for both of us (I usually use 1/3), but I couldn't finish my bowl!


Over the past three days I have scored some killer deals at Goodwill and I have to show you guys my loot!  You have to be patient and willing to search, but Goodwill can be a virtual gold mine for DIY enthusiasts and food bloggers alike.  Check out my New Year's Eve cart ...

A $15 American Rag jacket.  Holy moly, I just browsed the online jacket section - their new ones are retailing at several hundred dollars!

A $6 mirror.  It's so vintage-y and neat.  I'm contemplating spray painting it white or leaving it be - I haven't decided yet.  I love mirrors and they are so expensive, so I was really excited about this!

Here's all of the kitchen stuff I snagged that day!

I debuted the bowl on the right this morning.  I actually don't know how much these cost - probably $1 or $2 each.  My mom picked up the tab on this trip, but her stuff and mine added up to around $35.

A set of Saki Tea Cups.  They are so neat!  I'm pretty sure I'll use them to mix spices when I cook, but I might make tea in them.  Who knows?

Okay, so that was ONE of the Goodwill Stores near me - probably about 30 minutes ("near" is a relative term around here).  Yesterday I told Kari I wanted to go back to the other one (15 minutes away) to check out some chairs I had seen.  Here's the STEAL I came home with.

Lots of funky stuff for the kitchen!

Two soup crocks ('tis the season!), one jumbo mug and a Ball jar (I grab these whenever I see them, they are so versatile!).

An adorable serving platter and matching pitcher.  I could use them both at a brunch (muffins on the platter, milk in the pitcher) or separately (flowers in the pitcher!) or even set them up to serve communion in the spring (I think through a liturgical lens, sorry if that's weird).

And last but not least ...

Four of these beauties.  They were originally priced at $30 a piece, but then priced down to $4 each!

Okay, so this is what I was prepared to spend.  $12 for the chairs + $2 for both soup crocks + $1 for the jumbo mug + $1 for the Ball Jar + $6 for the serving platter & pitcher = $26 (+tax).

Wanna know what I spent?!


The chairs had a blue sticker and everything with a blue sticker was 50% off that day (yes, I got kitchen table chairs for $2 a pop) and they treated the pitcher and serving platter as a set and only charged me for one.  INCREDIBLE.

We are going to refinish and reupholster the chairs, but they are sturdy and usable right now, so we are going to finish up some other projects before we jump into that.  But I am psyched to have a place to sit at my table (which was from our apartment in Atlanta and also needs to be refinished - I actually didn't realize it had made the move).  I'm even more psyched to have added some fun stuff to my kitchen.  I love my fiestaware when I'm having big parties with lots of people, but for blogging purposes I wanted to get some more unique pieces.  And who can beat those prices!

Anybody else score some fabulous deals at Goodwill or Thrift Stores lately?  Now is the time to browse - people got new stuff for Christmas and are giving away their old stuff.


  1. wow, I want to go shopping with you!! :D I love all the kitchen finds... I need to check out our stores here..

    I like your liturgical lens. I also like saying it! :D

  2. wow..I love everything..especially the serving pitcher and's so vintage chic..also nice blog u got here..keep it up.. :)

  3. I love the pitcher and the platter!! And the coat!

  4. WOW!!!! No way, all that is so cute! I never even thought of shopping at Goodwill but I sure will now. There's one right in my hometown, too!! Can't wait to check them out. :)

  5. Love the jacket & the soup crocks! love!!! Way to go! :)


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