Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

Snow Day!

Bruce and I bundled up this afternoon and took a walk in the snow.  I know the snow can be really inconvenient and potentially dangerous, but it was just so pretty today!

I actually feel like we got a pretty good work out in!  Walking through the snow requires more energy than one might think.  Bruce really wants to try snow shoeing - does anyone know anything about it?

Sometimes I think my husband is 24 going on 6. :) I added some more photos from our walk to my flickr stream here.

Post-walk snack/lunch was a yogurt/granola/pineapple mix.

With half a PB&J.

I also attempted to make homemade hot chocolate.  And failed.  Eh - c'est la vie.

Our winter wonderland came to a grinding halt when the guy my parents hired to plow couldn't get his truck up the driveway!  It's bad news when the truck with 4WD, chains and a plow can't drive up the driveway.  Luckily our wonderful neighbors let us borrow their snow blower.  It took awhile, but we got the driveway cleared and I should be able to get out tomorrow, hooray!  I've got a meeting I'd really like to get to in the morning.

Shoveling (Bruce ran the snow blower - I shoveled the leftovers) put me in the mood for soup and grilled cheese.  As soon as I said that Bruce perked up.

I kept it simple and used canned soup ... 

... but gave it a little bit of oompf with some rice I had in the fridge and freshly ground pepper.

It was divine!

Grilled Cheese and Soup is a one of my favorite snow shoveling comfort foods.  Check out this post to read other blogger favorites!

I cannot believe it's already 9 p.m.  Where did the day go?  I feel like I got nothing done.  Definitely a bona fide snow day around here.



  1. Snowshoeing... it's super fun, you have plenty of snow to do it... you can walk almost anywhere... it's super fun (I do know I said that twice...), you can rent them at REI! You can buy them there too...

  2. Great pictures! You make a can of soup look DELISH.

    Stay safe and warm!

    Winks & Smiles,

  3. Glad to see you two had fun in the snow!! I've never walked through that thick of snow before but I don't doubt that it's a good workout. The soup looks great, too. I always pump up canned soups with extra veggies, quinoa, or something. :)

  4. Such pretty pics! I've actually enjoyed walking julep in the morning snow. Something about the fresh crisp air really wakes us up!

  5. So Jealous of all this snow. No snow for Houston :-(

  6. I love your snowy pictures! It looks like a winter wonderland out there!

  7. Great pictures! I have been trying to make hot chocolate for a while now, it never turns out the way I would like it to be.


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