Friday, January 14, 2011

Melting Icicles

Evening!  How was everyone's day?  I had a productive day, house and home wise.  Sermon wise?  Not so much.  Eek.

Check out the pretty blue sky!  I think the sunshine was distracting me.  Who wants to be sitting at their desk when the sun is shining?

Since I had the veggies, I had a big salad for lunch.  Inspired by the same recipe as last night's, although this time I did heat up some rice so I could have some grains.

LOVING this dressing!  It's got kind of a neat spicy kick to it.  I'll probably never be able to go back to Wishbone ...

That's a big salad!  And so simple, too ... 

I was at Costco with mom right after we moved back and she bought me a big bag of walnuts - greatest gift ever!  They are so expensive at the grocery store and I always ran out so fast!

Even though it didn't come close to freezing today, the bright sun was melting some of the icicles on our house.  I was fascinated and wondered if I could muster up a fast enough shutter speed to catch the drips with my camera.

Neat!  I would definitely recommend rapid shutter speed if you're going to try this, though.  These are the days that I love digital photography - it doesn't cost anything to snap 100 photos and discard 98 of them.

Bruce just said dinner's ready!


  1. That last picture with the drop suspended in mid-air is too cool!

  2. We live in Springfield Mass and it was frigid here too. It seems whenever I knock down icicles, there are more there a few hours later.

  3. that salad looks really yummy!


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