Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Great Omelet-Making Dilemma

Eek, what a day!  I am in awe over the response to my guest post over at A Blonde Ambition.  To those of you who are new to my blog - welcome!  I hope you all had a wonderful Wear a Dress Tuesday.  Other than a shoveling-related sore back, I had a great day!

I don't often wear make up, but lately I've been fascinated by eye make up.  I'm amazed at how something so simple can draw so much attention to a certain feature.

I wasn't paying attention and the sun went down on me - hence the horribly lit closet photo.  I stayed super cozy today - black leggings, brown skirt, cream turtleneck and black sweater.

Wow - leggings and a turtleneck ... 

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a child of the 80's.

And yes, I am wearing moccasins.  My in-laws gave them to me for Christmas.  They are so comfortable I could just cry.  I may never wear heels again.

What did you wear for Wear a Dress Tuesday?  I love that some of you who hopped over from Leslie's blog were ALREADY wearing dresses!  Like I said - I think there is something going on that is more than a dress ...


I got a little bit distracted today and never really stopped for lunch - so I decided to make an early-ish dinner.  I was in the mood for an omelet, but faced a fixins dilemma.  What should I put in it?  Here's my issue with omelets - I love ordering them at restaurants, because I can order them with fixins that I never have in my own pantry - I try not to overstock my pantry (I find that when I do that I end up wasting food).  But I want to be able to make delicious omelets at home with lots of variety.  What's a girl to do?

The one thing I usually do have at home is some kind of cheese - and more often than not there is at least one tomato in the fruit/vegetable bowl.  But then I had an a-ha moment - MUSHROOMS!  I keep canned mushrooms in my pantry for Italian food and they would be the perfect omelet fixin!

So I had a delicious three-egg omelet, whisked with milk and stuff with mushrooms, diced tomatoes and shredded cheese.  I garnished with some sea salt and pepper - it was incredible and so filling!

I will say that next time I think I will saute the mushrooms first - they were a little bit bland and I think tossing them in some oil would push this over the edge.  Is there anything else that I may already have in my pantry/fridge/freezer that would be good in an omelet?

I have fallen into a bad diet coke + not enough water habit over the past couple of weeks.  I blame the holidays.  It's time to get back into guzzling the agua!  I'm thinking of challenging myself to a Water Challeng - actually measuring out my water intake to make sure I'm getting enough during the day.  I can feel it in my tight muscles and inability to get a good night's sleep that I'm currently not.  Anyone want to join me?

Time to wrap this up.  Bruce bought me an ice cream attachment for my mixer and we're learning how to make sorbet!  Tonight we're going to attempt CHOCOLATE sorbet.  Stay tuned ...



  1. You look like a porcelain doll in those pictures! Gorgeous!

  2. Hi, just found your blog :).

    I like baby spinach in my omelets too, not sure if that is a staple at your house like mine...

    Also, a good way to keep track of your H2O intake is to carry around a water bottle with you. That way you only have to keep track of how many times you fill it. I love these, I never leave the house without one :).


  3. Your outfit's so cute! I really want to start wearing more dresses come Spring time. I started getting into it right around Fall and I'm a sucker for not wearing anything besides pants in the Winter.

  4. The black sweater is cute. I love ruffles.

  5. Hi! Just popping over from Leslie's blog. I love your wear a dress tuesday idea. I love wearing dresses, they are my uniform during the summer and I try and find as many cozy sweater dresses as I can in the winter.

  6. Just jumped over here from Leslie's blog (which I only recently started reading when Kelly at Kelly's Korner recently post about Leslie's recent engagement). Isn't the blogosphere fun!

    My fav omelet is avacado and feta. This cute little deli across the street from where I used to work served them and I used to get one a least once a week. So yummy!

    As for drinking enough water . . . I fill a 54 ounce "bubba keg" (not kidding, that is the actual name of the container) every morning and take it to work with me. I get some strange looks when I carry it into meetings but it really helps me stay on track with my water consumption.



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