Saturday, January 1, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

(Did you see my 2010 in Photos video?  Check it out!)

Happy New Year!  Did anyone do anything fun?  We had an impromptu party at my parent's house.  The Hungarians decided to stay an extra day, Kari was in town and my sister was up from her apartment.  A full house!

Bruce and my dad took out my dad's old train set and set it up around the furniture!  I swear, this kept us entertained longer than it probably should have.

... though not as long as the race cars kept us entertained.  At one point my mom came in to see what all the screaming was all about.

My dad made a huuuuuuuuge batch of four-alarm chili to help us ring in the new year.  He doesn't mess around with chili.  I think we all took our first bite, said "mmm, good" and then 15 seconds later followed up with, "hoooo that's got some kick to it!"

I served mine up over some rice with shredded cheese and a side of tortilla chips.  Who needs a fork or spoon when you can eat with chips?

Post-dinner, we broke out my sister's new Keurig and made some coffee.  It's a neat contraption - very instantly gratifying. :) But I prefer to brew a whole pot (and like to buy fair trade, which I'm not sure you can do with K-cups) so I'm happy with what I've got.

We counted down to midnight with a two-hour game of Apples to Apples.  Even my grandmother played!

Every time Gabi won a hand, she got up and did a dance.  I swear, we only let her make hot chocolate in the Keurig, not coffee!

And around 11, we broke out the finger foods!  We were well-fed going into our countdown, that's for sure!

Kari was the only one staying with us, so we drove home around 1 and played cards for awhile.  Bruce was up at 7 to put our New Year's Pork and Sauerkraut in the crock pot, but I'm pretty sure crashed on the couch soon after.  I rolled over a little before 10 and read blogs from my iPod for awhile in bed before coming downstairs.  Laziness is good for the soul every now and then.

Pancakes for breakfast!

Plus two cups of coffee.

With real maple syrup.  A sweet start to the new year.  Literally AND figuratively.

We're thinking about a run ... catch 'ya later!

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  1. Apples to Apples!!! Ahhh I havent played that in years but it's such a fun game! :P Glad you had a wonderful night and great morning. Happy New Year!


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